Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Not updated for a few days, so I'll need to catch up, I still cant ever seem to get enough in my posts, must try harder!

So we're about 6 weeks down, and i'm starting to notice the difference (although the scales still hate me! :P), my jeans are looser, my tops baggier and my pants are too big! lol! Not noticing a whole lot of difference on the scales to be honest and the other day they said i'd put ON 4 pounds? I wish it start to have some effect on actual weight loss as at the moment it feels a little bit like its not really worth it! Still doing zumba and cycling, going to have to invest in some insect repellant now that the nice weather is coming in, midge's and dragonflies galore and i tend to freak out when they land on my face lol

Todays meals:
2x white rolls (I know but mum bought them lol) with turkey breast and pickle
Tomato soup with 2xcrispbreads
dinner will be chicken salad with wraps :)

Thats all from me today :)

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  1. I'd ignore the scales if I were you. If you're waistbands are getting looser than you are loosing weight. :)

    Are you taking measurements? My scales didn't go down for ages when I first started, but I was loosing inches from my body. xx