Friday, 15 April 2011

Time for an update!

So not updated for a few days had a rough couple of days and didn't exercise at all, :( Got plans to cycle 6 k tonight though, just hoping that the weather holds out long enough!

Yesterdays meals:
Greggs chargrilled chicken oval bite
Spaghetti with light dolmio, and chicken
Toatie with turkey ham and pickle make with kingsmill 50/50 bread

All I've had today is a packet of quavers
a fruit smoothie (Home made, natural yogurt, dried blueberries, pinapple and a banana :) )
I'm thinking some spaghetti bolognaise for dinner though it depends on what time we're cycling at :)

Starting to get a little disheartened as the scales still aren't moving :( Not sure what to do to boost it?


  1. This happens to me too. The scales just freeze. My jeans are actually falling down without a belt now and the scales still haven't moved.

    How accurate are your scales?

    And are you drinking enough water? 1.5/2 L normally and more when exercising.

  2. I actually haven't checked how accurate my scales are recently i'll have to do that!

    I'm phasing out Diet Coke and replacing with diluting juice, i know not as good as just water, but i need it flavoured somehow. I still dont think its a litre and a half though so i'll try to up my water intake and see if that helps :)