Saturday, 9 April 2011


I hate the weekend...I can never stay on track! Writing this quickly as my boyfriend is still here and this is my little secret blog lol. I started off ok with scrambled egg and crispbreads, then for dinner we had chinese :( I got spare ribs and a little boiled rice (which i didn't eat!). Went bowling tonight with some awesome people, avoided the nacho's and hotdogs and just had a pint of diet coke but caved on the way home and had a cheeseburger from  mcd's :( Back on it tomorrow, starting with the 6k cycle, I need to sort out my weekends or its never really going to work :(

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  1. Oh weekends are terrible, esspecially in Summer.. lets go beer garden or pub

    Stay strong!

    Chrissy :)

    aka CrazyChickaBoom :) mwah