Monday, 11 April 2011

Today is going well :)

I'm aware that my posts have been really short so i'm going to try and put some more effort into them. Todays has gone quite well, both exercise and eating wise. :) I did 30 minutes on my biggest loser game this afternoon while everyone was out. Then suddenly I was in a vile mood I dont know what was wrong with me :( everything was irritating the hell out of me! Then I went to Zumba/Body sculpt tonight which was good. But unfortunately cos of my crap weekend I've put on a pound :( we'll see what happens this week.

However I think it might be beginnning to have an effect as my mum told me tonight that my sides look smaller, and I think my fat rolls aren't as fat woohoo! I had a dress on yesterday and it was baggy at my bust and at my back felt looser, more comfortable :)

Todays food:
2x scrambled egg, 2x crispbreads
Tuna, sweetcorn, lighter than light mayo 2x crispbread
Natural yogurt with dried pineapple and dried apricot.
Not sure what i'm doing for dinner yet I cant have it before zumba.

Another slight niggle, my mother is begining to annoy me, she laughs at me and constantly tells me i'm doing things wrong but i was watching her doing squats and she was bent really far forward and stand with her legs together, and yet i'm not allowed to tell her she's doing it wrong? Gah! Anyway /rant I feel better now :)

Got my weigh-in on the biggest loser tomorrow, I hope i dont get sent home lol!

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  1. You are doing really well. Ignore your mother. She only thinks she knows best.

    Inches are the important thing =D Sometimes the scales can be irritating.