Sunday, 22 July 2012

Cheat day, kind of!

So today was my Cheat Day, on a Sunday I give myself a little leeway to eat stuff I wouldn't allow myself normally. This was gonna be a look-how-awesome food-porn update but I have no pictures and for that I am devastated because the food was amazing! Just because its my cheat day though doesn't mean I go overly mental its usually just dinner that is my treat :) I swim every Sunday morning to burn some calories and for damage limitation lol I also really like swimming so its win-win really!

Today however I couldn't swim because it was that delightful time of the month, so I dragged my boyfriend out on my run with me, I like it when we run together because my sense of competition kicks in and I really push myself hard and run sprints and I just don't do that when I'm running on my own. According to My Fitness Pal that burned about 350 cals not bad!

One of our treats on a Sunday is we get a roll and sausage from the cafe so that is our little breakfast tradition. We spend all week deciding where we will eat on a Sunday and if I'm honest that is part of the excitement and this week we picked here:

The Inn on the Loch, overlooking Lanark Loch, its very pretty and the food is always amazing. This is the part where I wish I had photos, I had decided during the day to try and convince my other half to have a starter instead of dessert which he never wants to do. The method in my madness was if I had dessert I could have some sort of semblance of nutrition :). Anyway he agreed and I picked Chicken Goujons, Garlic Mayo and side salad to start and for my main I had Chicken Fajitas with another side salad, it was all amazing on the tastebuds and out of interest my other half chose Garlic Bread with side salad to start and Steak Pie, chips and veg for his main! The next time I do one of these posts I promise I'll have photos so you can all see how amazing the food was.

I think for a cheat day I did ok, got some exercise in the morning didn't go crazy and got some veggies in, all in all not bad for a cheat day. :)


Friday, 13 July 2012

Size 18!!!

So today was a good day, I spent it in my favourite place in the whole world. It looks like this

Its called Eyemouth, and is very pretty :)

Anyway tomorrow I have an engagement party so went looking for something pretty to wear and discovered something quite amazing!! When I started this whole weight loss thing I was a size 22 and 269 pounds and I looked like this.

I'm on the left. 

This is today...

Currently 232 pounds and a size EIGHTEEN!!! So chuffed! I can't even remember the last time I was a size 18, I've been really down recently that I wasn't getting anywhere, I went into the shop and automatically picked up the size 22, I had no idea what size I even was! 

I'm a happy bunny this evening!!
Hope you're all well bloggers!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Week 1 of running done! :)

So on Monday I decided to stop saying 'some day' and go out running. I am completely rubbish however I've stuck with it and gone out Monday, Wednesday and today and surprisingly I'm really enjoying it hopefully I'll get to the stage where its something I'm really good at. 

The route I run is just over a mile, which seems pretty pathetic but it challenges me for the moment. I run through a nature reserve so as I progress I can change it up and add portions and do different trails. Right now I'm not even running the full mile, I'm running as much as I can and then stopping and walking a bit till I catch my breath/feel a bit better then I run again, hopefully soon I'll be able to run it with out stopping. At the moment I'd be happy if I ran a 20 minute mile as long as I ran it. 

Anyhoos today I was craving a meal from my local chinese restaurant but didn't want to have a cheat day so went about figuring out how to make it relatively healthy. So I decided on chicken and pineapple (usually I'd have it with chips but that was just out of the question) and toddled off to Tesco to find random ingredients which were basically fresh chicken, lots of veg and some egg noodles. So I had a little play about (read chucked in random ingredients lol) and it turned out quite well I think, it wouldn't get a Michelin Star but I wouldn't expect it to.  Anyways it looked like this,

And turned out to be pretty low cal, win-win, yummy meal, full up, 2 left over portions, which means a happy SJ :)

Monday, 2 July 2012

Run Forest Run!

Just another little post from me, its a weight loss one so yeah.

Now that I can actually run again I'm really enjoying it! I ran a little bit yesterday and went out for a run today, the route I took is about a mile long and I did a sort of couch to 5k type method, running for as long as I could then walking till I felt a bit better then running again, I actually really enjoyed it! I did it early in the morning (before I had the chance to overthink it) this poster is actually true for me.

I think it was actually better for me to go in the morning the route wasn't busy I only passed one dog walker and one little old man who looked sympathetic to my efforts. I run here

And to be honest with views like this right on my back door it does give you a little more motivation to run! 

I'm hoping to start running a few times a week, the route is only a mile long but I can add to it as I get better and now that I'm not working its something that I can do for free. I just have to sort out my breathing when I'm running hopefully someone can give me some advice on that.

Starting weight 269 pounds
Current weight 232 pounds
Current goal (I have many lol) 218 pounds