Friday, 6 July 2012

Week 1 of running done! :)

So on Monday I decided to stop saying 'some day' and go out running. I am completely rubbish however I've stuck with it and gone out Monday, Wednesday and today and surprisingly I'm really enjoying it hopefully I'll get to the stage where its something I'm really good at. 

The route I run is just over a mile, which seems pretty pathetic but it challenges me for the moment. I run through a nature reserve so as I progress I can change it up and add portions and do different trails. Right now I'm not even running the full mile, I'm running as much as I can and then stopping and walking a bit till I catch my breath/feel a bit better then I run again, hopefully soon I'll be able to run it with out stopping. At the moment I'd be happy if I ran a 20 minute mile as long as I ran it. 

Anyhoos today I was craving a meal from my local chinese restaurant but didn't want to have a cheat day so went about figuring out how to make it relatively healthy. So I decided on chicken and pineapple (usually I'd have it with chips but that was just out of the question) and toddled off to Tesco to find random ingredients which were basically fresh chicken, lots of veg and some egg noodles. So I had a little play about (read chucked in random ingredients lol) and it turned out quite well I think, it wouldn't get a Michelin Star but I wouldn't expect it to.  Anyways it looked like this,

And turned out to be pretty low cal, win-win, yummy meal, full up, 2 left over portions, which means a happy SJ :)

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