Friday, 21 October 2011



Its been so long since I updated on this I have no idea when it even was :S sorry about that lovelies!!

Well whats new? I discovered Pinterest lol I was hours on there and it makes you feel nice and creative!! :P

I'm a couple of weeks in now but its been great, I'm in the Citizen's Advice Bureau :) just doing admin, but I also get to go to the Psychiatric Ward in the local hospital twice a week which I absolutely love! Its an amazing experience and I really look forward to it every time, it does however mean I have bucket-loads of paperwork when I come back but that's ok lol I'm only in for a 6 months contract but hopefully I can get kept on, if not I have some money for Christmas and it means I get some experience and can get a wee bit saved too!


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Its been a while since I updated sorry bloggers!!
Nothing really that interesting has happened since I've been gone though which is probably why I've had nothing to put on here.

I spent the weekend away at Arbroath with my lovely boyfriend and my family
Its so pretty there, I had a really good time and didn't really want to come home! We had lots of food, a drink or two and just enjoyed spending some time together so it was nice :)

I came home and after some advice from my fishes :P I decided to email 4 or 5 jobs I had applied for to see what was happening, I got a reply from a woman who said she'd never received my original application and could I resend it? Its nice to know that some of my emails have just not been going rather than admit the fact that no-one wants to employ me lol. This has however led on to several phone calls filling in more forms and her passing all my information onto the employer YAY!!! Please employ me Mr Employer!! Give me a chance!! :)

I was at the doctors this morning who thinks I have! :( So trying to sort my eating out and hopefully working out what upsets my tummy and what I can eat quite safely.

I think thats all for now really, I will update if i've forgotten anything...


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Nail art

The last few weeks I've been getting really interested in nail art, I think it looks really pretty!! I've been checking out some tutorials on youtube and thought 'I can do this!!' lol! so after checking a few different tutorials and looking for something simple that would cheer me up and I decided on ladybirds. :)

The first thing I did was use rimmels I <3 lasting finish in 030 Double Decker red, it looks like this,

 ignore the mess!!

 I did a couple of coats just to get a good colour although it wasn't bad with just a single coat.

Its a little less pink that it is in this photo, I must apologise for that it was with my phone camera and its nto very good, it is a bright red like it says like a double decker bus hopefully the next pic will show this!

Next I took black nail polish (sorry no idea what it was and i dunno where its gone) and a fine make up brush (an old one!!!). I made the tips of my nails black almost like french tips, I'm sorry I have no pics for this part I didn't think to take any, then I took the black and did a vertical line straight down the middle of my nail for the wings and did three spots on each wing.

Now for the next part most tutorials will say you need a nail dotting tool I used an old kirby and opened it out and dipped the end it a blob of white polish I used Rimmels Nail tip whitener. I used the kirby to do two dots on the black tip to make eyes. Did a final coat of clear polish (I have no top coat!! :( but I need to invest in some!) and I was done!

They look like this!!


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Things that make me happy!!

This post is purely for my own benefit but enjoy!!

Anything and everything ladybird related!


Cute babies

Non-chocolate cupcakes! 

Upside down kisses! 

This amazing raspberry sundae!!

Fun nails!!

Colourful crockery!! 


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Cupcake attempt #2

I posted before about wanting to bake cupcakes, and as we can see from my last post that didn't go too well, this time however it went amazingly!!! I am so proud of me!!

I will admit that this one is the prettiest of the 7 that I made! This was the first time I had attempted to pipe icing and with that in mind I am soo proud of that little guy ^^.

They were so fluffly and yummy too, I think I might have a new hobby!!

Saturday, 13 August 2011


First attempt, they turned out a bit messy, and didn't quite have enough mixture for 12 :( even though the recipe said makes 12 I think the moulds I have are a bit bigger than paper cases. Next time I'm going to make more mixture and pipe the icing instead of spooning it on, make it look prettier.

Also my red icing tasted like beetroot, it wasn't good lol, practice makes perfect!!
At least they taste nice! :P


Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Its 2.27am and i'm sitting watching SkyNews and the riot updates, its scary just watching it I cant imagine how scary it must be to find yourself caught up in it. I've watched a few videos posted by a facebook group about supporting the Met Police, its disgusting and vile what these people are doing. Makes you wonder what kind of people think that its acceptable to behave the way they are? Its just been announced that the youngest to be arrested is 11 years old! 11?!?! Where the hell are that child's parents?

They're showing images of the police in attendance there, and a very small percentage of them actually have riot gear on! They're all in shirts and the police vests, and they've said that the police who charged the riots did not have riot gear on, they're not even properly equipped to deal with this sort of situation and yet they're the ones getting the brunt of it. There's been a lot of discussion tonight about police 'letting people' loot, but I think in situations like this one they have to pick their battles, from what I've seen they're very much out numbered and the  riots are beginning to spread through-out the country with riots being confirmed in Birmingham and Liverpool.

The police also have very little power at the moment apart from barricades and charging the rioters, they're only allowed to use water canons unless its declared a state of emergency, and at the current time it has not been declared so, and I'd assume that call lies with the PM and it has been announced that he's cut short a holiday to hold discussions about it.

This is day 3 that london has taken a hammering, I'm about to head to bed and hoping that the police can get the situation under control by morning.

Stay safe blogger, hope london's still there by morning!!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Photo post #2

Got the pics back from the wedding. Have to say that this was my first time using a film SLR and I had no idea how they would come out until I got them back, overall i think they're ok, if a wee bit dark! They also have a bit of a funky effect lol.

 Centre Pieces 

 Cranachan - which i think sounds like a sea monster lol 

 He's not good at sitting in a kilt!

 I think they were dancing lol

 I like this one, uncle and dad.

 Uncle and Aunt


 Uncle and Aunt

 Uncle, Aunt & Cousins.

 Piggy back


Mum and dad, me and boyfriend.

 Dad and sister

 Family Shot

 Signing (their lives away...teehee)


Sunday, 7 August 2011

I think I wanna marry you!!

Quick photo post, there may be another later as I get more photos in I'll also maybe do a proper update of what happened but for now lets get the fanciness on!

 Sister & Cousin 

 Mum, Sister & Dad

 Me :P, Cousin, Sister, Cousin

 And again :)

 Sis in Law & Sis.



 Most amusing part of the day! 


 She can wear anything and not look stupid! Not fair!

 I love this photo! lol 

 She wants boobs?!

 Believe it or not he was sober, and driving!


 Dad & Sis

 Dad & Other Sis
Aunt, Dad and Part of my Uncle lol

Ok so not so little post lol enjoy! :P


Friday, 5 August 2011


I really really want to make some cupcakes! lol I've been looking on Amazon and there's LOADS of stuff on there and I'm going to attempt to make something nice next week when I have the house (and kitchen) to myself, I hope they turn out ok!!

^^That might be slightly ambitious! lol