Thursday, 18 August 2011

Nail art

The last few weeks I've been getting really interested in nail art, I think it looks really pretty!! I've been checking out some tutorials on youtube and thought 'I can do this!!' lol! so after checking a few different tutorials and looking for something simple that would cheer me up and I decided on ladybirds. :)

The first thing I did was use rimmels I <3 lasting finish in 030 Double Decker red, it looks like this,

 ignore the mess!!

 I did a couple of coats just to get a good colour although it wasn't bad with just a single coat.

Its a little less pink that it is in this photo, I must apologise for that it was with my phone camera and its nto very good, it is a bright red like it says like a double decker bus hopefully the next pic will show this!

Next I took black nail polish (sorry no idea what it was and i dunno where its gone) and a fine make up brush (an old one!!!). I made the tips of my nails black almost like french tips, I'm sorry I have no pics for this part I didn't think to take any, then I took the black and did a vertical line straight down the middle of my nail for the wings and did three spots on each wing.

Now for the next part most tutorials will say you need a nail dotting tool I used an old kirby and opened it out and dipped the end it a blob of white polish I used Rimmels Nail tip whitener. I used the kirby to do two dots on the black tip to make eyes. Did a final coat of clear polish (I have no top coat!! :( but I need to invest in some!) and I was done!

They look like this!!


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