Monday, 8 August 2011

Photo post #2

Got the pics back from the wedding. Have to say that this was my first time using a film SLR and I had no idea how they would come out until I got them back, overall i think they're ok, if a wee bit dark! They also have a bit of a funky effect lol.

 Centre Pieces 

 Cranachan - which i think sounds like a sea monster lol 

 He's not good at sitting in a kilt!

 I think they were dancing lol

 I like this one, uncle and dad.

 Uncle and Aunt


 Uncle and Aunt

 Uncle, Aunt & Cousins.

 Piggy back


Mum and dad, me and boyfriend.

 Dad and sister

 Family Shot

 Signing (their lives away...teehee)


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  1. I like the photos :D they're all framed really well :)