Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Its 2.27am and i'm sitting watching SkyNews and the riot updates, its scary just watching it I cant imagine how scary it must be to find yourself caught up in it. I've watched a few videos posted by a facebook group about supporting the Met Police, its disgusting and vile what these people are doing. Makes you wonder what kind of people think that its acceptable to behave the way they are? Its just been announced that the youngest to be arrested is 11 years old! 11?!?! Where the hell are that child's parents?

They're showing images of the police in attendance there, and a very small percentage of them actually have riot gear on! They're all in shirts and the police vests, and they've said that the police who charged the riots did not have riot gear on, they're not even properly equipped to deal with this sort of situation and yet they're the ones getting the brunt of it. There's been a lot of discussion tonight about police 'letting people' loot, but I think in situations like this one they have to pick their battles, from what I've seen they're very much out numbered and the  riots are beginning to spread through-out the country with riots being confirmed in Birmingham and Liverpool.

The police also have very little power at the moment apart from barricades and charging the rioters, they're only allowed to use water canons unless its declared a state of emergency, and at the current time it has not been declared so, and I'd assume that call lies with the PM and it has been announced that he's cut short a holiday to hold discussions about it.

This is day 3 that london has taken a hammering, I'm about to head to bed and hoping that the police can get the situation under control by morning.

Stay safe blogger, hope london's still there by morning!!

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