Friday, 5 August 2011

the day before...

So its the day before the darling sister's wedding, and its weird, it doesn't feel like my sister's getting married in the morning, we should be excited and stuff spending time together, but we're not, I've not seen her since she dropped off the flowers, still have hardly any details about the damn thing, so yeah don't think tomorrow will go too well, but on the upside bloggers this is the penultimate wedding post! I'll do one on Sunday with everyone fancied up and that's it! 

oooh I bought make up!! For those who don't know ELF (or eyes, lips, face) it is an online company who sell make up relatively cheaply, I ordered a few wee things in the hopes that I'd receive it for tomorrow but I've not even had my dispatch text yet so I don't think I'll get it in time, but a few of my Elitist Goldfishy friends have assured me that their delivery times are usually really good but my timing sucks as they've just done a massive sale and they're just a little backed up at the moment. I've literally JUST had an email apologising for the delay and saying that I should expect my stuff by the 11th of this month. Which I'm quite happy with they've been really good all the way through so a few more days wont make much difference. 

I applied for an amazing job, the first one I've really got exciting about since leaving my work experience at Kinnies. Its another bridal job, but this on is 'high-end' which scares the crap out of me but its an amazing job, its permanent, its relatively well paid, and its something I love doing, I hope I at least get an interview for it. It closed today I'll be gutted if I just got ignored! I have experience which is a plus, but I don't know if I'm 'high-end' enough lol. 

ok so I think I've rambled long enough, so i'm going to love you and leave your bloggers!


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