Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Not updated for a few days, so I'll need to catch up, I still cant ever seem to get enough in my posts, must try harder!

So we're about 6 weeks down, and i'm starting to notice the difference (although the scales still hate me! :P), my jeans are looser, my tops baggier and my pants are too big! lol! Not noticing a whole lot of difference on the scales to be honest and the other day they said i'd put ON 4 pounds? I wish it start to have some effect on actual weight loss as at the moment it feels a little bit like its not really worth it! Still doing zumba and cycling, going to have to invest in some insect repellant now that the nice weather is coming in, midge's and dragonflies galore and i tend to freak out when they land on my face lol

Todays meals:
2x white rolls (I know but mum bought them lol) with turkey breast and pickle
Tomato soup with 2xcrispbreads
dinner will be chicken salad with wraps :)

Thats all from me today :)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Time for an update!

So not updated for a few days had a rough couple of days and didn't exercise at all, :( Got plans to cycle 6 k tonight though, just hoping that the weather holds out long enough!

Yesterdays meals:
Greggs chargrilled chicken oval bite
Spaghetti with light dolmio, and chicken
Toatie with turkey ham and pickle make with kingsmill 50/50 bread

All I've had today is a packet of quavers
a fruit smoothie (Home made, natural yogurt, dried blueberries, pinapple and a banana :) )
I'm thinking some spaghetti bolognaise for dinner though it depends on what time we're cycling at :)

Starting to get a little disheartened as the scales still aren't moving :( Not sure what to do to boost it?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I feel bad...

I didn't do my weigh in last night, and avoided dinner (chicken and cabbage...ick!) in favour of a kebab, huuuuuuge mistake! Lesson learned i think, I feel like crap today and i should never have eaten it in the first place. I'm meant to be going to zumba tonight but my OH is coming over and its the first time we've have the chance for some sexitime in aaages, so sidestepping zumba in favour of sexitimes.

Eating been ok today:

Brekkie: Fruit smoothie
Lunch: Scrambled egg, turkey ham on light choice wraps.
Dinner: unsure whats what there

I also have this horrible bite thing on my foot, its doubled in size overnight and piriton isn't helping, Its itchy as hell and really red, docs in the morning i reckon :(

Monday, 11 April 2011

Today is going well :)

I'm aware that my posts have been really short so i'm going to try and put some more effort into them. Todays has gone quite well, both exercise and eating wise. :) I did 30 minutes on my biggest loser game this afternoon while everyone was out. Then suddenly I was in a vile mood I dont know what was wrong with me :( everything was irritating the hell out of me! Then I went to Zumba/Body sculpt tonight which was good. But unfortunately cos of my crap weekend I've put on a pound :( we'll see what happens this week.

However I think it might be beginnning to have an effect as my mum told me tonight that my sides look smaller, and I think my fat rolls aren't as fat woohoo! I had a dress on yesterday and it was baggy at my bust and at my back felt looser, more comfortable :)

Todays food:
2x scrambled egg, 2x crispbreads
Tuna, sweetcorn, lighter than light mayo 2x crispbread
Natural yogurt with dried pineapple and dried apricot.
Not sure what i'm doing for dinner yet I cant have it before zumba.

Another slight niggle, my mother is begining to annoy me, she laughs at me and constantly tells me i'm doing things wrong but i was watching her doing squats and she was bent really far forward and stand with her legs together, and yet i'm not allowed to tell her she's doing it wrong? Gah! Anyway /rant I feel better now :)

Got my weigh-in on the biggest loser tomorrow, I hope i dont get sent home lol!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Easy on a sunday morning?

Had a nice long lie this morning at staying up to about 3.30 with the boyfriend lol, Got up and had a roll and sausage, then headed out for our 6K cycle...success! Also managed to eat far too many midge's :( and forgot to put suncream on my face so its now a lovely shade of scarlet and i have lightly burnt arms and chest and thats WITH sun cream!! really hate being ginger sometimes lol damn my almost see through skin! Anyways gotta run we're going to have a nice big salad for dinner :)

Saturday, 9 April 2011


I hate the weekend...I can never stay on track! Writing this quickly as my boyfriend is still here and this is my little secret blog lol. I started off ok with scrambled egg and crispbreads, then for dinner we had chinese :( I got spare ribs and a little boiled rice (which i didn't eat!). Went bowling tonight with some awesome people, avoided the nacho's and hotdogs and just had a pint of diet coke but caved on the way home and had a cheeseburger from  mcd's :( Back on it tomorrow, starting with the 6k cycle, I need to sort out my weekends or its never really going to work :(

Friday, 8 April 2011

Biggest loser...

How did I get this unfit...seriously! My dad bought me the biggest loser wii game, and its really good (read: its insanely hard). Its a lot harder to work off calories on it than on the wii fit, I've only done 20-30 minutes this afternoon and I'm knackered and for the first time in ages I've had that shakey, post work-out feeling. I'm going to rest for a bit then do the dreaded weigh in on my wii-fit as that's what I've been using to keep track of my weight.

Anyway onto today's meals:
Its been really warm today and i've not really wanted to eat.
all i've had is

4x crispbread with roast gammon left over from yesterdays dinner.
Planning some scrambled egg later though.

Anyway thought I'd make a wee note of the exercise i'm doing currently and the exercise i'm planning to start
Monday: Zumba 40 minutes, Body Sculpt 20 minutes
Tuesday: Biggest Loser scheduled workout
Wednesday: Planning on starting the other Zumba/body sculpt class
Thursday: Biggest Loser scheduled workout
Friday: rest
Saturday: 6k cycle
Sunday 6k cycle

Any tips or hints on that ^^ would be great!
Weight training not really possible atm as i'm struggling just with my body weight never mind extra weight lol I'm looking into getting some wrist weights however.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Horrid thinspiration :P

2010 again
Summer 2010
2010 again
Graduation summer 2010
The worst of them all!!!!

Back on track...

Ok so we're getting back on track,
Been going about 5 weeks.

Starting weight: 18st 11 (really not proud of that!)
Current weight: 18st 2
First goal: 17st 11 

I'm getting there slowly but surely,
3x crispbreads + spread of light philly with garlic
2 egg omelette with 2 crispbreads

Gammon with boiled new potatoes and vegetables

No exercise today, but will be wii-ing later (biggest loser=ouchies lol)