Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I feel bad...

I didn't do my weigh in last night, and avoided dinner (chicken and cabbage...ick!) in favour of a kebab, huuuuuuge mistake! Lesson learned i think, I feel like crap today and i should never have eaten it in the first place. I'm meant to be going to zumba tonight but my OH is coming over and its the first time we've have the chance for some sexitime in aaages, so sidestepping zumba in favour of sexitimes.

Eating been ok today:

Brekkie: Fruit smoothie
Lunch: Scrambled egg, turkey ham on light choice wraps.
Dinner: unsure whats what there

I also have this horrible bite thing on my foot, its doubled in size overnight and piriton isn't helping, Its itchy as hell and really red, docs in the morning i reckon :(

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  1. Aww don't feel bad, I've had one of those days today. We can start again tomorrow! Hope your foot is feeling better soon :)