Monday, 2 July 2012

Run Forest Run!

Just another little post from me, its a weight loss one so yeah.

Now that I can actually run again I'm really enjoying it! I ran a little bit yesterday and went out for a run today, the route I took is about a mile long and I did a sort of couch to 5k type method, running for as long as I could then walking till I felt a bit better then running again, I actually really enjoyed it! I did it early in the morning (before I had the chance to overthink it) this poster is actually true for me.

I think it was actually better for me to go in the morning the route wasn't busy I only passed one dog walker and one little old man who looked sympathetic to my efforts. I run here

And to be honest with views like this right on my back door it does give you a little more motivation to run! 

I'm hoping to start running a few times a week, the route is only a mile long but I can add to it as I get better and now that I'm not working its something that I can do for free. I just have to sort out my breathing when I'm running hopefully someone can give me some advice on that.

Starting weight 269 pounds
Current weight 232 pounds
Current goal (I have many lol) 218 pounds

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