Friday, 29 July 2011

Update of a different kind!..Edited!

ok so giving up on the weight loss-y blog as theres no weight losing happening lol going to keep the wee blog on though, must admit i did forget about this for a few months, I do it with flickr too, but i always go back :) 

Loads has happened since i've last posted so i'll try and include everything...

I was working in the wedding shop for a couple of months and I absolutely loved it!! I had so much fun doing dress fittings, helping people into dresses, steaming dresses and even all the admin stuff was fun! Gutted I couldn't stay on there, I hope I find something else soon, I really need some pennies :), however I have decided that my wedding will look like this...

Don't steal it!! 

On other wedding related news, its currently 8 days to my sisters Civil Ceremony. I don't get on with my sister, this is no secret! I going simply to avoid the crap storm that will happen if I don't go. She's being so bloody demanding I might actually punch her! I shall run through her list of demands as it stands.

  • Everyone MUST wear purple!! (despite this not being on the dress code on the invitation!)
  • No football colours (This means red, blue, white, green, orange, and pretty much every other colour is out)
  • Every male must wear her specific tartan or not at all! (My dad and uncle have picked other tartans lol)
  • She wants to ok my outfit before i wear it! 
  • We have all to tell her our general colour theme so she can get our flowers to match!! 
  • Anyone not accepting her demands can leave...(gladly!!)
  • No-one is allowed to upload their photos online at all (as people may find out she's gay!) *shock horror*
  • She wants to copyright of her photos, and has paid £200 for the copyright for her professional ones (she's not having my photos!!) 
  • Family isn't allowed to stay at the hotel (although she's provided rooms for her bridesmaids and friends)
So this is my dress is like this 

  Also a pretty little pink flower also from ebay. :)

Finally getting to finish this post a day or two later, although i've completely lost track of what i was going to say!

Things are getting busy here with my uncle's health taking a turn for the worst and my bf's dad having a major heart attack and needing a triple bypass, so we're kept busy with visiting and hospitals hopefully both will feel better soon!! 

The weather here has been lovely and its really sunny today again, got myself a little bit of a sunburn...woops!! but hopefully its here to stay for a while as the scottish weather really is quite depressing at times!!

oh...I almost forgot I have new neighbours, quite a large Polish family who so far have been very very loud, hopefully things will quieten down a bit and they'll be nice neighbours but only time will tell for that! 


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