Sunday, 31 July 2011


I've been feeling very down today, and its making the day drag a lot. It feels like it's lasted about a week! I dont know whats wrong with me just now I want to be there and help Stephen with everything that's happening with his dad, but there's not a lot I can do and his mum is making it difficult for us in general. He's not coming over tonight which upset me a lot more than it probably should have. At the moment I'm just feeling a bit distant from him, we don't get any time to ourselves these days and he's so busy at the moment and is absolutely knackered from all the running around and stuff, I need to feel close to him but I'm not going to get time with him till Friday and even then his mum is making it difficult for him to stay with me even though its my sister's wedding the next day!

Speaking of which my sister arrived and made a grand entrance this afternoon to drop off our flowers, everyone's flowers are purple, mine are white...she really doesn't like me :S, She even dropped button-hole flowers for Stephen when he's not allowed to be in the wedding photos cos we're not engaged (what sort of sense does that make? He's been in the family longer than her Fiancee!)

My flowers are like that without the greenery with a one of those snap-bands? The ones you had at schools you hit them on your wrist and it curls round?
one of them!! ^^ lol.

Despite the huge falling out and everything i'm actually really looking forward to spend a day with the family with  everyone all fancied up, it should be good providing everyone behaves themselves!!

I played around with my blog today trying to get it to look a bit prettier with help from Miss Gemma Wright!! (Thank you lovely!!) Its not how I want it yet but it'll do for now :) Let me know what you all think!!

Anyways I realise this post hasn't been too cheerful so have a lolcat to counteract the glum!

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  1. Your sister is unbelievable. Still willing to come crash it if you need it =P