Friday, 20 April 2012

Forgotten Blog.

I keep forgetting about this little blog I need to make more of an effort to keep it updated. My last post I'd just got my job and all was good, well 6 months later and I'm unemployed again boo! However I'm staying positive, I have an interview on Wednesday for a good job that I really want so here's hoping that something comes of it.  I did however buy myself a pretty new dress!! :)

Before I gave up on the blog I was talking about my weight loss attempt and I think I'm doing pretty well :) At my heaviest weight I was 269 pounds and I am currently 242 pounds :) I'm proud of how much I've lost and think I'm doing quite well but I still cant see much difference in my body which is really annoying. My sister came to see me today and got all excited about how much weight I'd lost which is funny cos she's only just seen me a couple of days ago its not all disappeared from then! Lol. Anyways I thought I'd add a couple of photos so I can hopefully see some difference. 

269 pounds

This was me at 255 pounds I'll need to take a more updated photo.

Hopefully I'll remember about this wee blog and keep updating it haha. 

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