Wednesday, 22 May 2013

So what do you do when...?

So what do you do when your weight loss has all but completely dried up?
What do you do when calories in vs calories out just isn't working anymore?
What do you do when your body is changing but not how you thought?
What do you do when you're completely unmotivated to carry on?
What do you do when you still have more than 2 stone to go?
What do you do when you've been doing this for a year and a half and still obese?

I have all these questions going round my head, I dunno where to go from here. My weight loss has all but stopped, its very very slow. I'm getting really unmotivated, I've been at this for a year and a half and I'm still obese. I'm so tired of analysing and scrutinising every little thing I put in my mouth. Exercise has completely fallen by the wayside. I've already had a day where I just didn't care and ate what I liked, but felt terrible afterwards. My body is changing but really not like I thought it would, I'm flabby and saggy like an old lady, I dread to think what I'll be left with when I'm done. I think all of this is part of the reason why I'm not as motivated to carry on.

I knew going into this it wasn't going to be easy, I knew it was going to take a long time, I just don't know how to shake this feeling off and get back into this. I can feel my attitude changing a little bit each day, and not for the better, it's like I've stopped caring.

All I know is the decisions I make now are going to shape the next few months. I know I don't want to go back to the way I was, but this sucks. I think I'm going to have a shake up, look at some new recipes, try a few new things, and just generally try and get out of this funk.

*Disclaimer - If you were looking for a cheery, motivational weight loss post may I suggest you go here, here, or for some yummy low cal food here!*

I feel I should end this post on a positive note though so I'll post my progress so far.

SW:  269
CW: 197

Progress pic.

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