Thursday, 31 January 2013

Never give up.

I haven't been on here for a very long time, I sort of gave up on it, on the blog not on the weight loss, there was a few reasons for this, my blog was broken and my pictures are all slowly disappearing, an also I had nothing uplifting or even remotely motivational to put on here.

I've still been trying hard with the weight loss, I put on a little bit over Christmas but that was to be expected, that weight came off relatively quickly and then nothing, nada, zilch! I was stuck at the same weight and I couldn't understand why.

After chatting to a few friends and getting out of my grump, it really is quite grump inducing when nothing has changed and the scale isn't moving, I decided I needed to go back and rethink things. Its funny how when you take a step back suddenly things become so obvious. I realised that most days I really was struggling to hit 1200 calories and for someone who has still got a long way to go, thats really not enough! Also quite a large percentage of my total calories were coming from carbs, so that was something else to think about.

Over this last week I've changed things up a bit, and I know that its only been a week but I can see things are moving in the right direction, I'm currently eating 1500 calories and I'm regularly just under my calorie limit of 1660, I'm also more aware of the carbs that I'm eating even though they're still too high.

So my advice to everyone out there who is ready to give up, keep going, keep moving forward and you will succeed!

SW: 269
CW: 209
CGW: 199

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