Friday, 10 September 2010

Moving some stuff here from somewhere else :)

This is basically gonna be my food diary/ ranting place so if you dont wanna read that i'd stop now lol.

well here goes nothing!

1st september 2010
Bowl of Porridge (was gonna put blueberries in but i had none :()
one toffee! (woops!)
Southern fried chicken and pasta
and for supper (not had it yet) i was gonna have crispbreads and turkey ham but theres none left dunno what to have now!

6th september 2010
Breakfast: Apple and Blueberry porridge
Lunch: kinda skipped it had a little bag of grapes.
Dinner: Whole grain pasta with tomato puree and chicken :)

7th september 2010
Breakfast: Apple and Blueberry porridge

Lunch/snack?: some cooked chicken :)
Dinner: Wholewheat pasta with sauce (Ran out of tomato puree) and cooked chicken mixed in
Snack: strawberry nutrigrain (133 cals :S)

8th september 2010
Breakfast: Apple and Blueberry Porridge

Snack: a little bowl of carrots and sweetcorn
Lunch: 2x Boiled egg 1xslice white bread (very thin layer of spread)
Dinner: Chicken stirfry
Snack: a little piece of Cheesecake which worked out to be about 170 cals :S

9th september 2010
I had a baad baaad day :(

Chinese buffet at 12 oclock: Cream of chicken soup then plain chow mein with extra veg some chicken peices in a blackbean sauce and some carrots
small bowl of chicken stir fry
*4 and a half mile walk*
small bag of grapes